You knew this was coming... The Star Wars Roleplay

So! Star Wars! You are a group of people in between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. You can be a Force sensitive or not.


  1. Keep It PG
  2. No OPness
  3. Force sensitives are Illegal and rare. Don’t go around electrocuting people.


Weapon of Choice:
Force sensitivity: (yes or no)
Force Power(s): (Check with me before posting)

(Can i be a person who has force sensitivity but does not know what it is so does not know they can use the force.)

(That’s what happens with most force sensitives)

(K XD)
Name: Khas Ligne
Age: 10
Gender: female
Species: Nautolan (if you don’t know that’s kid fisto’s race.)
Personality: she is kind but is easily scared sometimes.
Description: green skin, black eyes. With about 12 tenticals on the back of her head.
(I belive they all look like that.)
Background: her parents were killed when she was born, she has lived on her own pretty much her whole life. She does work almost 24/7 just to make money to live.
Weapon of Choice: (lightsaber but does not have one XD)
Force sensitivity: yes
(This good @Adam_Boynton)

(@Geentiger829 perfecto )

Name: Rallyn Annix
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Guarded against strangers, she’s very secretive and defensive of the Rebellion.
Description: 5’8", Blonde hair, Gray eyes.
Background: Rallyn is a Rebel spy. She has hidden the fact from everyone she knows and loves.
Weapon of Choice: Blaster rifle and frag Grenades.
Force sensitivity: yes
Force Power(s): Misdirect (illusions)

Here’s a pic of her

(This is pretty much what Khas looks like st the moment.)

(If anyone wants to join but doesn’t know what character to make I’ve got a large supply of PreGenerated characters)

(@MightyThor1198 @CuteRedPandas @Kaneki)

(I changed my mind, I won’t be a part of this rp.)

Name: Christopher Feistkorn (so original)
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Very loyal to the Rebellion. He is a trained Jedi Knight and is willing to sacrifice his life if it means defeating the Empire.
Description: 6’ 1’’ Brown hair and brown eyes.
Background: His parents were Jedi, and he had been working with the Jedi as soon as he was able to become a Padawan.
Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber
Force sensitivity: Yes
Force Powers: (DM’d u what I want via discord. Will update when I receive a yes or no)

oof starwars… steps away from chat

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Name: Kor’ee Lehfoa
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Mirialan
Personality: Kind, happy, gentle. When emotive, he is not extremely expressive of it.
Description: His skin is an olive tone. His facial tattoos are curved and flowing, like water. He wears a long, white scarf that covers his hair and hangs down as he walks, along with a black and gray suit with coat-tails that flow with his movement.
Background: As a senator for the Galactic Empire, he tries to speak his mind and do the best for his people. However, unknown to most, he is actually also highly involved with the Rebellion.
Weapon of Choice: Stun-blaster-pistol
Force sensitivity: No


(Sure, Let’s start.) Rallyn sat on the edge of a Skyscraper in Corusant, looking at the Senate building. She waited patiently for the signal.

(Are we all on Corusant)
Khas ran through the city desperately trying to make it to her destination. When she finally got there. There was a big fat man standing at the door. “Your late.” He grabbed her hair (or rather tenticals) and pulled on them. “I pay you good money to serve me and this is how you repay me, I have no use for someone like you, get lost.” He threw her aginst a wall and walked inside. Khas layed there gripping her arm. She struggled to her feet and turned around the corner and sat in the alley.

Rallyn saw the flash of light and pulled out a rifle. She attached something to the top and launched it onto the top of the building. She attached the other end to the building she was on and latched a handle onto the rope. She put her Rifle away and slid down the rope into a window. An alarm set off and she headed down the hall.

(Not necessarily)

Khas layed in the alley, abit of blood on her arm. She did not like that man, she was always mean to her and hit her so much.
(You should like totally find me @Adam_Boynton)

(She seems a little preoccupied with something. It may be a while.)