Your Hero Acadamia

Heyo again! Yes, I’m back again with another roleplay. This time, reviving some old ideas, by the way cleaver name huh? Anyway, I’ll be refereeing this one two, so none shall be op on my watch.

Okay I’ll be honest I dont have much. This will follow similarish plots to the anime. Which, by the way, if you need an explanation here it is: The world has had a new phanamima called “quirks”. They are like unique super powers that can be used for good or evil. With super powers comes a whole knew high school experience, an experience of learning how to kick villian butt! All quirks fit into 3 categories; Emitter, Transformation and Mutation. Emitter type Quirks have the ability to either release certain substances, or alter materials around them in some ways. Transformation type Quirks cause the user to take on a temporary alteration of some kind. Transformation type Quirks allow the user to temporarily “transform” their body in a variety of manners, sometimes enhancing existing features. Finally, Mutation type Quirks permanently change some feature of the user’s body. For example, a huge powerful tail.

Well, since I’m in charge here everyone will start out fairly weak. Some will be stronger then others, however it’s not fair if one can overpower the other without the other having a chance to react. That doesnt mean every reaction wont have consequences. Its okay to loose. Secondly, as much as I like to throw in a quick tiny cuss, keep it pg. Finally, have fun you crazy turds. Enjoy the role play ^-^

Heres how to join:
RP Name:
RP Age:
Quirk Type: (Emitter/Transformation/Mutation)
Quick Description of Quirk: (Name, what it does, any consequences of using it.)
Description: (What they look/act like)
Quick Background: (Not too much detail, more to be revealed in rp)

We’ll start at the entrance ceremony. Have fun all y’all.

(@Geentiger829 @AtomosaTheFoster @AnaCloud @GinnyGinger @Sofia @Kaneki @Goose @MightyThor1198)

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RP Name: Zena Rento
Gender: female
RP Age: 16
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quick Description of Quirk: conduit - they are able to absorb energy and disperse it out.
Description: (picture)
They are powerful but they have been sick all there life and are there for restricted. Shes not able to use her quirk that much as the sickness makes her usually weak. She also loves to listen to music and will alot, unfortunately it usually distracts her and she will sometimes run into things. She’s been told to stop listening to it so much but she keeps doing it.
Quick Background:
Her parents had no quirks but her grandparents did so she enharited them. Unfortunately she also got the sickness her father lived with his whole life.


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RP Name: Oliver Strange
Gender: Male
RP Age: 16
Quirk Type: Transformation
Quick Description of Quirk: Perfect Sense. Think of it as a way to improve all senses to superhuman levels. At it’s very best, they can track people without problem and always be aware of everything.
Description: Oliver keeps to himself most of the time. However, it’s not hard to get him to open up and once he does, he is very social. He is blunt and doesnt think before he speaks most of the time.
Quick Background: Oliver doesnt have a sob story, in fact he hasn’t had anything import happen in his life. He used to think of life as boring, but ever since working to be a hero he thinks he could make a huge impact on the world.

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RP Name: James Fraud

Gender: Male

RP Age: 16

Quirk Type: Emitter/Transformation

Quick Description of Quirk: Rhythm
Whenever the user hears music, they get abilities / strengthen. Music without rhythm means strengthened senses. Music without lyrics means enhanced strength/stamina. Music with lyrics though gives the user abilities, varying on the type of music (country, rock, classical etc). The user must listen to the music all the time. As soon as the music stops, whatever the enhancement is begins to weaken.

Description: James has short ginger hair and freckles on his pale face. He is tall and slim, usually wearing a simple jumper over a shirt. He wears a bracelet and always has earbuds on him with music, as well as an ipod. He has soft green eyes.

Quick Background: James grew up in a moderately rich British family, that is living in Japan since the very first quirk appeared in their ancestors. He has 2 brothers. He can play the violin very well and always liked music. His ordinary life is very simple, without anything too special.

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RP Name: Devina Valentine
Gender: Female
RP Age: 16
Quirk Type: (Ima use what I did last time XD) Transformation
Quick Description of Quirk: Can basically turn into any animal
Description: She has wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She’s rather short. She daydreams a lot and likes to read.
Quick Background: A normal one.

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(you would be in the middle of battle and your teammate goes. “Turn into something useful.” And then you turn into a baby panda to kill em with cuteness. XD like ya gotta be truly evil to even hurt a baby panda)

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(Mkay we can start)

Oliver took a deep breath, smiling at the humongous school. He adjusted his glasses before starting to walk up. He wasn’t too familiar with the hero thing, but always found cleaver ways to use his quirk. He hoped this would je no different.

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Zena got out of the car and walked towards the school. She had a blue shirt on with some black pants. There was a weird watch on her hand that had 3 bars on it. It did not even seem to tell time just the 3 bars. She had a bag over her shoulder and she walked towards the school.

strangled cry that is not music!!!

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Oliver glanced around, the place was pretty empty since he was very early. Soon he spotted a girl walking up to the school and thought this was a chance to pass sometime. He slowly approached her, making sure he didnt looki like a mess. “Hey! I’m Oliver, nice to meet you.” He smiled.

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She looks up from her strange watch. “oh, hi. I’m Zena. Nice to meet you Oliver.” She reaches out to shake his hand with a smile.

Devina was running as fast as she could, her nose in a book. From the corner of her eye she saw a girl wearing a blue shirt in front of her, but she couldn’t stop in time. She toppled the girl over.

“O-oh! I’m so sorry!” She gasped, standing up quickly.

“I, it’s o, ok.” She said covering her mouth as a good amount of red liquid started coming out.

(Not that again :joy:)

She stood there awkwardly. “Uhm, can I… help you? My name’s Devina… by the way.”
She then noticed Oliver. “Oh! Hi! I’m sorry about that…”

Oliver jumped slightly, regretting not paying attention. He blinked, quickly snapping himself back to reality. “Oh! Hey, I’m Oliver.” He smiled softly, helping Zena up. “Nice to meet you both.”

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(hey your the one who crashed into the person with health issues XD)

“I, I’m fine. T thank you though. Don’t worry I. It’s just tomato juice I was drinking.” She said trying to hide it.

Oliver sniffed the air, quickly realizing it wasn’t tomato juice. He deciding not to point it out since she wanted not to tell them.

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She cocked her head innocently. “That’s interesting. I’m allergic to tomatoes, though.”

“s, sorry I’ll g get rid of it then.” She went over to the trash can and spit the tomato juice out, hoping that she had fooled them.

Oliver sighed, still deciding to keep her secret. “Well, this isnt what I expected to happen today.” He smiled softly, not sure what else to do.

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