YouTube Team - App Ellis

Minecraft Username: Annnub

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: App Ellis

Real-Life Age: 17

Timezone: CDT

Hogwarts Year: Y5

Do you have Discord?: Yes

If you have Discord, what is your username?: Annnub#1188

Do you have an account in Knockturn’s Gitea?: Yes

How long have you been on the server?: I have been on the server since January 2016, however, I have been inactive since 2018.

Why should we pick you for this role?:
My experience with YouTube is incredibly broad. I have worked on every involved with YouTube including the algorithm, thumbnails, editing, video ideas, and overall content. With this in mind, my three reasons why I believe I should be chosen is my experience, skills, and motivation for YouTube.
Firstly, I want to talk about my experience. As I stated in my first paragraph, I have worked with every aspect of YouTube. I love researching how the algorithm works and the keywords that trigger higher traction. With my research, I have worked with different SMALL YouTubers to experiment. This has made a difference between only 14 views or 200 views per video. (For small channels, that is a dramatic difference.) Other than this, I’d like to believe my thumbnails and video editing skills are a little above average. This may seem like me trying to be extremely conceited but I can guarantee you I am extremely self-critical. This is how I grow my talents and I know being on this team, I’d be able to grow my experience and skills.
This leads us to my next reason, my skillset. I currently make thumbnails for small creators from another server and teach some when they ask how I make them. I’d definitely say this is my strongest suit as I also specialize in Minecraft character renders (as shown in a previous thread.) Aside from this, my editing has flourished recently and I can say that I am incredibly happy with where I am with it. (For someone who has previously strayed away from editing.) This also may seem silly, but, I watch a crazy amount of YouTube and this has helped in knowing the trends going around.
Which, also is why I’m so motivated when it comes to the topic of YouTube. I love participating in YouTube type of teams as it’s something I can do in my free time without restrictions. It’s another place to be creative and grow as a person and creator. This is why I’d love to join the team despite my inactivity that may be shown. I’ll be explaining more in my “Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?” question.
Overall, there are many reasons why I should be picked to be on the Knockturn YouTube team. In this question, I heavily wanted to focus on myself right now but I’ll be highlighting my past and concerns in the last question.

Have You been Staff Before?: I have been Professor, Mod, Helper, YouTube Team, YouTube Team Head, Lore, Professor Assistant, Club Manager, etc.

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?:
So, I already know there will be many concerns about my fickle past and commitment issues with the server. I also know there’s going to be people who see me as someone who’s never on the server so I shouldn’t be in this role, however, I have quite a bit of stuff to back up my new-found consistency and my ability to work.
Firstly, with my fickle past and commitment issues. I have constantly bounced from role to role or simply left the server from when I was 12-15. When I was 15, I left due to a Staff offer at another server that helped my character grow tremendously. I can confidently say, I am not the 12 or 15-year old I used to be. I am now determined to stay and work, I am ready to make a commitment to a team like this. So, if you plan on saying no due to my inconsistency, I’d love to talk about it and show you how my character has changed in DMs.
Next, my activity. On a YouTube team, I don’t see the activity as an issue. I am on the team to work, create, and edit. This doesn’t require online activity that I could be using working in Photoshop or Sony Vegas. I am so incredibly confident that I can get work done on this team without the barrier of server activity getting in the way.
Basically, I do believe I have changed enough to come back to the team and I am so excited to have another opportunity to practice doing what I have always loved.

For thumbnails, I use Photoshop, Firealpaca, and Blender for the renders.

For video editing, I use Open Shot to cut up my personal clips due to a bug with my Sony Vegas. I use Sony Vegas for extra add-ons and to cut up OTHERS recorded clips.

PLEASE DM ME ON DISCORD FOR EXAMPLES (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links in the application especially when it deals with other servers so, yeah.)

Thank youuu! :slight_smile:


Congrats! You’ve been accepted to Knockturn Networks Staff! Now you need perms. Here is what needs to happen before you’re officially on the team:

If your application changes from Accepted to Permissions-Granted before you have all these perms, please contact an admin+ and get the missing perms!

If you ask for perms before you get permission granted, this application will be denied.

Welcome to the team! :relaxed:

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